Updated: Jan 22, 2020

"JP was organised, collected and even calmed my nerves on the day as he had everything in hand. All in all, he created a wonderful event that was well received by everyone involved and has generated excellent feedback from my customers. A huge success and an amazing team to work with who I have no doubt I will partner with in the future. Thank you JP and all involved"

Charlotte Evans (General Catering Manager, Ofcom)

Corporate Event Processes

You will be assigned an experienced strategist to assess the needs within the company, taking into account facilities, allocation of budget, existing work culture and preferences from a company ethos standpoint.

Whether it be for catering, mindfulness programmes or workshops, your assigned strategists will work closely with HR and/or your designated company representatives to gain insight into the unique culture and priorities. After a proposal is approved, a small deposit will be taken to secure the services.


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