about us

We are a specialised plant-based events and consultancy company offering a wide range of services such as:

  • Markets

  • Workshops

  • Private Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Consultation & Collaboration

One of our most well known events is the wonderful Vegan Night Market on Portobello Road, famed for it’s incredible vibes and community spirit!

Also launched so far this year:

  • Portobello Vegan Sundays

  • Vegan Day Party

  • Nomadic Nights

  • Hackney Vegan Village

The truth is, we can pretty much create anything and we love nothing better than visiting a site, having a chat with the client and getting a feel for what they’d like to achieve. We will then suggest some incredible options, explain how it will work and then send a proposal; and all in a very quick time frame. After that, we take care of everything, so just sit back and enjoy the magic.

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Founder JP McCormack explains...

”We just want to bring good vibes no matter where we go, whether it’s a market, wedding, party or your place of work. The aim is for our events to be open to absolutely everyone, enjoying amazing vegan food, drink and artisan products, making it an ethical shopping experience also. We also love being able to educate and talk to many people about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle; and all in a friendly and loving environment.

Making sure our markets are affordable for traders is very important to us, and we have given over 8 debuts to new vegan start-ups already. We are also proud to say, the company itself is 100% vegan owned and run.

We have big plans this year and it’s not just the UK, events also planned for Europe, USA, Australia and more, so keep an eye out and kindly follow and support us on our journey.”